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This section provides a wealth of knowledge around Britam products and the products you have purchased. We have created FAQs, Documents, Downloadable Forms, Expert Articles and a lot more to assist your journey with Britam.


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What do I need to start using Customer Connect?   
  • Have your national ID/Passport, Policy/Account and personal details (phone no, email ID, postal address) ready.
  • Select your preferred browser and enter (our home page) or our Customer Connect portal and click on Sign Up.
  • Fill in all the fields with the correct information and read the Terms and Conditions and mark the check box to confirm you have read and understood them. Then click ‘Submit”.
Is Customer Connect secure?   
At Britam, we take protecting your online transactions seriously. We provide you here with tips for helping you to keep your identity, personal information and data secure. Britam constantly monitors threats and online activities in order to detect fraud much earlier and take appropriate measures to ensure your accounts are safe. This is done through.
What should I do if I forget my password?   
Contact our customer care agent by calling 0705 100 100. You may also reach us on email via
I'm a current Customer Connect user. Why can't I Log In?   
It could be that: Your internet connection may not be stable enough. Please check your internet connection. The security feature for Customer Connect ensures you are only one who knows your password. Customer Connect will consider you a "First Time User" until you go through the process of changing your password at least once. Your username is case sensitive. If you used any capital letters in setting up your Access ID, you must capitalize those same letters every time you enter your Access ID.
How can I change my password?   
To change the password for your Customer Connect account follow the below procedures
  • Login to Customer Connect
  • Go to "Edit Profile"
  • Select the "Change Password" option
  • Enter the current password and new password in appropriate fields and click on "submit”

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