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How does my investment in Imarika earn interest?   
The Britam Imarika Fund is a collective investment vehicle through which funds from all policyholders of the Imarika Investment Plan are invested. The Fund is composed predominantly of bonds and equities (or shares) and is structured and professionally managed to deliver superior returns. The Fund is broken into units for purposes of administration. Every time you make a deposit into your policy you buy units of the Imarika Fund while every time a withdrawal or charge is made, units are deducted from your account. The Unit Price changes on a daily basis depending on the performance of the underlying investments. The value of your fund at any time is the value of your units at the prevailing unit price.
What is my policy start date?   
The policy start date is the date that we received your funds, with all the required application details.
What is the total premium?   
Total premium refers to the amount of premium you have selected to pay at your preferred frequency. You may vary the premium you have selected from time to time. You are also allowed to make additional lump sum premiums into your fund over and above the regular premiums.
What is the Sum assured?   
The sum assured is the lumpsum amount paid in the event of death. The accumulated fund value will also be payable in the event of death.
What is the statement period?   
It refers to the period over which the statement was run. The statement captures all transactions in your policy during this period.
What is the fund value?   
It refers to the balance in your account at the end of the statement period after allowing for charges and investment income.
What is the effective date?   
The effective date is the date at which each of the specific transactions in the policy statement occurred.
What is the difference between the transaction amount and the investment amount?   
The transaction amount is the monetary amount of each transaction while the investment amount is the net monetary amount after the allocation charge of 5% where applicable.
What is the fund price?   
Fund price is the price of one unit of the Britam Imarika Fund. It is the price at which units will be allocated or redeemed from your fund.
What is Units Allocated?   
Every time you make a premium payment into your policy, you buy units of the Imarika Fund while every time a withdrawal or charge is made units are redeemed from your account.
What is balance b/f?   
This is the balance brought forward or the balance in your account on the day before the statement start date.
What is the difference between the unit balance and the fund balance?   
Unit balance is the value of your fund in terms of the number of units while fund balance is the balance in your fund in monetary terms (Ksh).
What is the fund management charge?   
The fund management charge is a charge applied to meet the monthly costs of running the Britam Imarika Fund such as fees for professional investment services, custodial services, transaction costs and other administrative costs.
What is the surrender value?   
The surrender value will be the fund value in the policy account less any applicable charges as at the time of surrender. It is the net amount that you will receive should you choose to surrender the policy in exchange for its cash value at a given effective date. Surrender charges are only applicable in the first three years of the policy as shown below: • 15% for the first 12 months • 10% for months 13 – 24 • 5% for months 25 – 36 • Nil thereafter

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