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This section provides a wealth of knowledge around Britam products and the products you have purchased. We have created FAQs, Documents, Downloadable Forms, Expert Articles and a lot more to assist your journey with Britam.

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How do I pay for my premiums?   
Direct Debit: The premium payment is automatically deducted from your bank account on pre-agreed dates.
Check-off: Premium deductions effected through your employer.
Cheque Payments: Obtain an official receipt with the policy number and the full amount paid.
MPESA Pay Bill.
Send premium payment to pay bill number 541400 Insert your policy number (as it appears in your policy document) as the account number Use your registered Safaricom line for reference and automatic updates.


Cash payments are not accepted in our branches.
Cash payment should not be made to any staff, agents or financial advisors.
MPESA payments should be made to the pay bill number 541400 only.
For clarification please contact any of our branch offices near you or
Tel: 0703094000>
How often do I make payments?   
Premium payment frequency can either be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually as elected by the policy holder.
What Education policies do you have?   
We have 3 options for Education: Msingi Poa , Super E-Plus and Elimu bora.
Can a policy be used as security, for example to secure a loan?   
Yes. Visit any Britam branch to discuss the options available.
Can I get a loan from Britam?   
Yes. Britam policy holders may get loans from Britam. However, this depends on the type of policy held as some may not have this facility.
What other benefit is entitled to a policy holder?   
Most insurance policies entitle a tax payer to a tax relief amounting to 15% of the premiums paid (subject to a maximum of kshs.5,000.00 per month).
How do I claim for tax relief?   
A Tax Relief Certificate can be obtained from any of our branches country wide.

For any clarification or further questions: Please e-mail